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The Corrèze

Rural Area

The Corrèze is a rural area, very good accessible and still typical French, clean and not yet overcrowded with tourism.
The villagers are hospitable and friendly. The climate is just lovely (in the evenings it cools down so you can be sure of a good night rest). The surroundings offer you all kinds of possibilities to enjoy even more, like watersports, fishing, horseback-riding, castles, museums etc.etc. However the larger cities nearby Neuvic (Brive and Clermont-Ferrand) are certainly worth visiting.
Still a rather unspoiled area in France, just above the Dordogne!


“Le Feydel” is nearby the impressive “Gorges de la Dordogne” and the large 410 hectares “Lac du Triouzoune”. The Dordogne outflows at Mont-Dore to the Puy-de Sancy and can be a wild river at times. Though the many dams have somewhat calmed the Dordogne. The surroundings are an adventure; the Viaduct of the Black Rocks, a marvelous work of art from the beginning of the 20th century; the castles of Val or Sédières which rise triumphantly above the forest and wet land of Clergoux. The Sédières castle is mostly known for its beautiful recreational park with several fish-ponds. One can frequently admire the beautiful expositions which are held at the castle.


For the watersport enthusiasts amongst us; The Lac de la Triouzoune is situated at the village of Neuvic. This large lake, 410 hectares, is an invitation for swimming, sunbathing etc.etc. Of course the Dordogne is suitable for all kinds of watersport, and with a distance of just 20km véry accessible. If you like fishing, a permit is mandatory and can be purchased at any Bar/Tabac’s. A passport photo is required! For further information one can always pay a visit at the local tourist information office.

Mountain biking

For the mountain bikers amongst us; Those who want to explore the area on a mountain bike must definitely go to Liginiac, Neuvic or Ussel. These villages are the center of the many ATB trails. These mountain bikes are called VTT, Vélo Tout Terrain by the French. Would you like to explore the area, like the beautiful paths, technic, tips and tricks, you can do so with a guide. For further information; Michel and Belinda van der Giessen: 0033 (0)555721557 – 0033 (0)648630864.


For the horseback-riders amongst us; Beautiful rides in the fresh air can be made, but also for the beginner one can find enough to undertake. For further information: Belinda van der Giessen: 0033 (0)555721557 – 0031 (0)641468707.


Naturally golf belongs to the numerous possibilities. Neuvic has a splendid 9 holes golf-course! For more information one can visit the website or www.neuvic.corè


With the many authentic villages situated in this luscious green area with its beautiful nature the Corrèze are a true paradise for nature lovers and their kids. Our “natural” guests like; red deer, wild boars, foxes, otters, owls, buzzards, eagles and ravens live in between the old oaks and chestnut trees mid the beautiful flora which flourish spectacular in this part and can be reckoned as one of the “healthiest” air of France.


Neuvic lies in the south-east of the department Corrèze (region Limousin) and is situated at the lake of Neuvic (Lac du Triouzoune). Neuvic is part of the district Ussel. The reservoir of Neuvic is a watersports area which has earned its Eco-Mark, this is the cleanest part of France! Neuvic has approximately 2000 residents and offers lots of facilities at a very good level. This is due to the existence of the Agriculteral College. The area is at 600 meters altitude. Winter sports also are a possibility (Mont Dore and Super Besse, about 1 hr. by car). Neuvic is famous for its annual Fly-Fish market (May 1st) which includes a grand annual local market. In Nuevic you can also enjoy one of the many terraces and nice restaurants.

What else

The five villages in the Corrèze are classified as the most beautiful villages in France: Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemont, Saint Robert, Ségur-le-Château and Turenne.
The Haute- Corrèze around the plateau of Millevaches and the Massif des Monédières, is more known for its turf lakes and meadows, whereas around Tulle you can find many creeks where one can fish. South of the department you can find the northern part of the Causses du Quercy, with caves you can visit, de Gouffre de la Fage, and the well-known recreational lake Lac du Causse.


COLOGNE-LA-ROUGE: 95 km. One of those beautiful villages of France.
This beautiful ruby coloured village is situated like a gem in an emerald green surrounding. In the small streets you can still find “mansions”, castles and other splendid premises.

CASCADES DE GIMEl: 45 km. Majestic waterfalls in a wild landscape, amidst the peaceful landscapes of the Corrèze. Located close by yet another beautiful village: Gimel-les-Cascades!

SARLAT-LA-CANÉDA: 140 km. A historical village constructed with the lovely “blonde” bricks from this part of the area!
The many mediaeval monuments, the small shops and fine restaurants make Sarlat a very bustling village. In this capital of Périgord Noir you can find delicatessen like Foie Gras, truffles and several other mushrooms.

PLATEAU DE MILLEVACHE: 15 km. Granite stone plateau, on an average height of 500 meter, whereupon several rivers outflow like the Viene, the Creuse, the Corrèze, etc. An area abounding in water, with its many lakes and waterfalls. As well with the authentic villages, like Meymac.

LES EYZIES: 150 km. Well worth the drive. With its beautifully painted caves and its beautiful museum with prehistoric treasures!

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